About Us

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Know DiGiCart

DiGiCart Solutions is very fresh and young in the fastest growing digital industry of Bangladesh. We have a style of our own to build a brand or an idea and we proceed with constant notation of the audience within this short period of time. We put special emphasis on research, modeling and idea. Our teams have been specialized in the following categories:

  • Data analysis and research
  • It begins with data collection from unlimited sources and then filtering according to the necessity. Customization takes place afterwards. Yet the research goes on to stay in the game further.

  • Creative
  • This is where the magic happens! With all the collected data and experience we brainstorm with absolutely anyone, about absolutely anything! Creating something pleasant and surprising is our fuel.

    Our Vision

    Creating a useful digital world by ensuring a safe, secure, smart, user-friendly digital solutions as well as crafting the country’s ecommerce industry.


    Our Mission

    Ensuring maximum result with respect to client’s expectation to reach the utmost satisfaction.